Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hmm...the ex never seems to amaze me!!

Well what a surprise? The ex called tonight and I was quite shocked. He asked if Emma was there. I thought about telling him "Well I have no idea where she is!"...but of course I said "yes, where else would she be?" Anyhow, he asked to speak with her. Me being the curious sort asked why? He said I want to tell her "Happy Birthday!" Hmm...good golly! I almost died. I had to then inform him that Emma's birthday was on Monday. He didn't say anything! I let Emma have the phone and they talked. I'm just wondering how in the world he forgot when her birthday was????? Any ideas? Thank god Emma is too young to remember it! He had her on her birthday and never knew it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Emma's 3rd Birthday!!!

Girls are back home finally. Today is Emma's 3rd Birthday. We are celebrating at my sister's home in Madisonville. Just family. Gotta love that. Later on this month we will have the big party at Incredible Pizza in Conroe. The cupcakes.

Emma, William, and Kaylee.

Emma and mommy.

Kaylee and Taylor.

Kaylee, Emma, Taylor and William.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The ex!!!!

The girls were supposed to be home today but unfortunately the ex felt like he didn't have to bring them home. We had agreed that he would bring them back on Sunday like always 11 am I got a text from him. Hmm...Asking whether or not it was okay for him to bring them back in the morning? Isn't that a little late notice. Oh but gotta love his excuse....." he has gotten thrown around at work and he has a murder trial that is supposed to start this week." I suppose if I were stupid this excuse could work. I am sure a murder trial just doesn't pop up out of nowhere. Oh well! Once again, he disappoints me! You would think I would be used to it by now. Although he did call after I asked why his fiance couldn't bring them home? He just simply said that wouldn't be a good idea. Hmm...well that isn't my problem. If I were her I wouldn't want to see me either. Oh! But that's only if she has a conscious.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Can't wait....the girls are coming home tomorrow. So much to do. Emma's birthday is coming up on Monday! She will turn 3 years old. Gosh, my baby girl is getting old. Went shopping today to buy her a present. Boy was that hard to do! She has everything and needs nothing. She already has too many toys and clothes. What to buy? Went to JCPenny's...found her a cute little sundress. Hopefully she will like it!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A day out....

Busy day....went to the Huntsville Aquatic Center, to the movies to see Ice Age, and then back to the Aquatic Center. What can I say they love to swim?
William at the top of the slide.
Taylor watching Kaylee swim by.
The girls.
Emma stomping on the sprinklers...seems like she spent a lot of time on the outside of the pool.
Taylor and her shades.
Emma playing with the sprinklers!!
Taylor posing with her hand on her hip...what am I gonna do with her?
Emma with her sunglasses upside down!!
Emma sitting on the edge of the pool!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls are home....

Yeah....the girls are home for the weekend! We have a fun filled weekend waiting. We are going to go to the Huntsville Aquatic Center and to the movies. I have all the kids this weekend. William, Kaylee, Taylor, and Emma. A house full but it's gonna be fun! I'm sure there will be pics to come.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The call....

So excited.....The girls get to come for a weekend visit. The ex called saying that the girls really missed me and asked if I would like to have them for the weekend. I of course without hesitation answered "Heck yeah!" Although 3 weeks of them being there with no phone call, no text, no email, no responses to all of the above. Even though, I was still glad for the phone call. I was so happy to hear Taylor's voice that I couldn't speak. I just cried. She kept asking "Mommy, when are we coming home?" Over and over. It's hard to tell her that she has to stay with her daddy all month. She doesn't understand. All in all the girls are coming home tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

4th Trip...

4th and final trip to the doctor I hope! Good news! My ear after a week of pain and agony is finally showing signs of improvement. Ear wick can be removed. 10 more days of antibiotics and my ear should be back to normal they say. Ear drops every two hours and antibiotics until done. Let's hope this does the trick! This ear has cost me over $200 this week. Can't take much more.

Monday, July 20, 2009

3rd Trip...

Well....once again. The doctor is not impressed with the progress of my left ear infection. Still not any better. Got another shot of Rocephin in the bum and an ear wick placed in my left ear. As that appears not to be enough...3 more prescriptions. Another antibiotic and ear drops. So now I have two of each plus one for the pain. Wishing this ear would get better and I can begin to hear again!! We will see if this regime works!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sick in bed....

Well, I woke up with a painful left ear so I decided to bite the bullet and go to the doctor. Called and made an appointment to find out that my left ear canal and ear drum are very swollen, red, and infected. Got my 2 prescriptions and went home. Couldn't sleep! The pain was getting worse. So I decided to go back to the doctor's the next day....glad I did! My ear had gotten worse overnight and was on the verge of rupturing. 3 new prescriptions later and a shot of rocephin here we sit. It has been 4 days now. 3 boring days of being in the bed and watching television. I am going to go out of my mind! Today the pain isn't as bad but I still have no hearing...I guess we will see what the doctor has to say tomorrow!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One whole month....

One whole month without my girls! I have no idea what I am going to do....This is the 1st time for my ex husband to take them for so long! No phone call. No text. No email. I have tried everything with no response! What in the world is he thinking?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Fun in the Sun......

The girls in the JEEP....

Once again....
William posing...

Kaylee and the cat....

Kaylee pushing Preston....
Emma on the little four wheeler....wreck # 5700.
Emma and Roy on the go kart....
Taylor on the little four wheeler.....
Taylor and Emma on the trampoline....
Preston....just a swinging.
Emma fighting the ants...
All the kids....Preston, Brayden, Kaylee, Emma, and Taylor.
William and the go kart.

The girls and me....

MY GIRLS>>>>> My EMMA....

My TAYLOR.....
Another pic of my Emma....she never looks at the camera when you want her too!!My KAYLEE!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Now I am mobile! So I can keep my blog up to date even when I am away from home or my computer! This is so COOL!

Up, up, and away!!

Hmm....well today I had a good time. I have all 4 kids for the weekend and what to do?? A movie? Go to the city pool? Gatti's? The dinosaur park? What else in Huntsville is there to do? So Taylor, Emma, Kaylee, William and I went to see the movie UP here at the theater. It was a good movie. I was really proud of the kids. They were great. Although, 15 minutes into the movie I wanted to cry! Haha. I'm a sap!! Yes! I admit it! 45 minutes in, Emma was asleep in my lap. The poor thing doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat folded down. She kept folding up like a taco. It was quite hilarious but yet very frustrating for her. So into my lap she went. All in all, a very satisfying cinematic adventure. I made it with a 9 yr old, an almost 6 yr old, an almost 5 yr old, and an almost 3 yr old. I am so stoked. I usually have a hard enough time with just my two girls. Is this a sign that they are growing up? Oh no! What am I going to do then?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our 29th Birthday Dinner!!

Our 29th Birthday Celebration Dinner took place on, June 18, 2009, here in Huntsville at Margarita's. It was great. Dinner, family, and friends. What more can you ask for? 28 of our family members and friends.My neice, Kaylee, helping celebrate our birthday. She was so excited!

Paula posing for a picture eating birthday cake!

Our birthday cake!! My friend, Paula Kay Leonard Palla, and I share the same birthday so for the last 2 years we have celebrated our birthdays together!
Joey, Karena....and Steve in the corner.
Vanessa and Ricardo....The Aguilera's

Sabrina, Brayden, Felix, Eric, Wes, Paula, Rena, Dr.K at the other end of the table.

Mom, Greg, Chris Crouch, Melissa, and Sonia sitting at one end of the table.Christina and I celebrating our 29th Birthday!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taylor--Gibbs Elementary YMCA Star of the Year 2009!!

Taylor was chosen to be Gibbs Elementary's YMCA Star of the Year. I was so proud of her! My little girl! What an honor? Miss Amanda, Miss Becky, and Taylor making funny faces. She loved them!

Taylor, Emily, Maddox and other YMCA kids.

Taylor hugging Miss Becky. Last day of YMCA. Miss Amanda and Miss Becky--Taylor's YMCA after school counselors.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Water/Field Day 2009-Gibbs Elementary

Emily, Taylor, Abigail, and Aidan after the pool and shaving cream station on water/field day.

Aidan, Taylor, and Emily waiting on the water slide.

Taylor and Abigail.

Taylor and Aidan at water day/field day--Gibbs Elementary. -6/02/09

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crystal Lynn

Taylor took a pic of me! Not bad! Too bad....I cut my hair! It will grow back!!